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On Thursday, I headed downtown to run some errands.  While there, I got caught in a downpour, and even with my rain jacket on, I ended up half-soaked.  Now, this would have been quite a sad rainy day story if there weren’t for a chair.  Yes, a chair – antique, victorian style armchair.

While downtown, I stopped by an antique store to pay the remainder owed on a vintage dining room table and 6 chairs I placed on layaway a couple of weeks ago.  (The set will make an appearance on this blog as soon as I am done painting it and re-upholstering the chairs.)  After completing the transaction, I decided to peek into the shop next door, and lo and behold, there it was!  The chair!  It was in perfectly good shape save for the seat upholstery that would need to be replaced somewhere down the line.  Still, it looked perfectly usable as is, and I thought it would fit wonderfully into our living room once I am done with painting.  That chair was just calling my name.  I had to have it!

After a brief telephone consultation (thank goodness for cell phones!), my husband and I decided to give it a new home in our little city cottage.  Oh, the fun we’ll have together, the chair and I!

Chair Collage