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Susie's Grave Stone bw

When we lose a beloved furry companion, it is not like we have lost them forever. Memories of times spent together remain with us to put a smile on our faces when we feel we miss those little creatures the most.

Setting up memorials and reminders has been a constant in human history. We set up different kinds of reminders: photos of our families on our office desks to remind us what is important in life, notes on our calendars to remind us not to miss important appointments, gravestones to remind us where those we loved were laid to their final rest…

So, in keeping with the tradition of setting up memorials and reminders, we placed a custom engraved stone in our garden, where we buried our beloved 4-legged redhead’s ashes. One day, while browsing the Internet, I came across this little shop on Etsy, and decided the memory of our little Susie needed to be marked by an appropriate custom engraved stone.

Susie's Grave

We got our custom stone last month, and immediately placed it in the garden. Initially, I thought I would have to watch our English Setter like a hawk so he doesn’t do his “doggy business” on top of the memorial stone, but I was surprised that, after at first giving it a good sniff, he never even stepped on the stone, let alone try to do anything else on it. Do dogs know more than we give them credit for?

Do you have any stories of instances when you thought your dog(s) could read your mind? Feel free to share them in the comments.