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Squirrel In Feeder bw

Yesterday, we installed a new squirrel feeder in our backyard. The old, open design feeder was attached to the giant Chinese elm next to our house, but since the tree expert told us the elm was 75% dead and would need to go soon, we put a new squirrel feeder up on one of the locust trees.

Squirrel Feeder blog

Apparently, our spoiled squirrels didn’t like the fact that they had to work for their food now. Unlike the old, open design feeder, the new one looks like a little wooden house with round holes for squirrels to enter on two sides and a jar filled with food attached to the third free side. To get to the food, a squirrel needs to enter the “house” and grab the goodies from the jar. Our squirrels, apparently, thought that was too much work – they were sitting on top of the feeder most of the evening and complaining. We had not heard that much squirrel chatter in a long while.

Squirrel In Feeder blog

By the morning however, they decided they’d rather check out the new feeder than go hungry.  This little fellow is just leaving the “breakfast table” after getting his fill.

Our English Setter on the other hand thought that pretty rude as he would have liked to have squirrels “over for breakfast.”

Gage w Squirrel House blog

Unfortunately, by the time he delivered his “breakfast invitation,” squirrels were already gone. Even after a thorough inspection, he was not able to find a single one either on the feeder or in the tree.

Gage & Squirrel Feeder blog

Do you have any amusing stories of your backyard critters? Feel free to share in the comments to this post.