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Wingback chair bw

A few weeks ago, while scouring Craigslist for items we could use in our new house, I came across a wingback chair. It was a smaller chair, perfect for our small house; it had Queen Anne style legs (legs, you can’t ignore legs!), and it was advertised for an unbelievably low price of under $50.

Wingback chair blog

True, the mauve upholstery wasn’t quite my cup of tea, but I still had to call and inquire. The people selling it were nice, it sounded like the chair was in great shape, so I went to see it. After sitting in it for a few seconds, I was sold! The chair was extremely comfortable, with good support, yet not too hard, so I decided to overlook those few minor flaws I noticed and bring this baby home.Wingback bottom blog

One of those flaws was the black fabric on the bottom of the chair coming apart in a few spots. This was an easy task for my stapler gun, and the flaw was fixed in a matter of minutes. The other, more bothersome flaw was the color of upholstery. Although I can do some simple upholstery myself, I wasn’t even going to think about reupholstering the chair on my own. Sending it to a professional to do this would be quite pricey and would defeat the whole purpose of purchasing the chair on Craigslist. So, after some consideration, I decided that a slipcover would be the way to go.

Wingback Chair after blog

I used my discount on SureFit website to purchase this velvety stretch slipcover. Not only did it work perfectly for my Craigslist find, but the color also came extremely close to the upholstery color on my prized Victorian armchair.

(Details about the Victorian armchair can be found in this post https://hartsd.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/worth-getting-rained-on/)

Chair Collage

Wingback after main

After all was said and done, it looked like we acquired a brand new chair. Now, if I could only get myself to paint the walls in the living room and unpack the remaining boxes from our move…