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Those who follow this blog for updates on the adventures of our little family have probably noticed that we have been absent for a couple of weeks. The reason for our absence was a longish trip we took to visit family and friends in South-Central Kansas.

Maximizing our time away and using as few days of paid vacation time as possible was our priority, so we had to settle for the loss of a few “creature comforts” along the way. Traveling with a pet posed another challenge as we had to stop more often than we would have without Mr. Gage in tow, but some of those stops proved to be a welcome respite from stressful traffic.

On the way south, one of our stops was Buckley Park in Stromburg, Nebraska. That was not a planned stop, and Stromburg is by no means a large city one would want to make a stop at. Still, the experience was more than worth the time spent.

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Traveling in early November, one would expect to see some turning leaves and colorful landscapes along the way. What we saw in Stromburg was absolutely magical.

The park, which also serves as a campground, has a variety of deciduous trees that seem to each sport a different leaf color at this time of year. Apart from the burst of fall color, park boasts a few picnic areas, a lovely gazebo, a creek, several sports courts, and a generally peaceful atmosphere. Eating our lunch under the gazebo and walking on the carpet of fallen leaves brought such wonder into our hearts! G-d’s beautiful creation never ceases to amaze us.

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Now that we are back home and back to the old routine, I will be getting back to my normal posting schedule. Look for some new recipes, holiday posts, and updates on my online jewelry shop migration efforts coming soon to the blog.